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I really dont get it why did apple change all the good music apps :/// The main reason for these kinds of apps is that i can listen to music outside while Im walking somewhere, so these new apps dont give us any opportunity. If I cant listen to music witnout wifi than whats the idea of this app???


This app gave my phone a virus so now my phone is broken this is my new one


I really hope that you can change the app so you can listen to music when you turn your phone off/ get off the app. But I guess this app is okay.

3 stars/:

i thought this was actually a rlly good app at first until i searched all of my songs and got them all on which took a while and so i played my songs and went off the app but it never played/: which rlly bugged me. also i can not play music offline. please try to make it where you can go off the app while the music is still playing, and listen to music offline


Can you listen to music offline?

Please read!!!!

I was wondering if you can make it so there background music and please don’t make it cost!!!!

App has been ruined

The App doesn’t work offline anymore. It used to download to local automatically


Download. Wanted to use it. No sound. There was the video but no sound at all. Tried multiple times. Good idea but music without sound is pretty pointless.

Go back!!

The older version of this app was way better, idk why they deleted it. You can’t go off of the app and listen to music, and you can’t listen to it offline. I’d give it 5 stars if it was the older version ???‍♀️

Goos app

I can listening all music in youtube,app deigns very nice. I voted for 5 stars. Thanks


The new update made it so that there’s no background playback – no music when you exit the app!! The only reason I downloaded and used the app was to listen to my music outside of the app. Otherwise, I could just use the good old YouTube app because this basically does the exact same thing it does. This app is useless to me now. Time to find a new one, I guess!

Best music app

So wonderfull music player. I can play any video from Youtube. Thank you @@

Love it!!

This app is so better than the one I had before so functional so easy to use! 5 stars for yall!

Sound is Teribble

The sound is terrible. Every time I tried to listen there wouldn’t be any sound. I uninstalled it and installed it again but it still was mute.

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